Professional Home Staging and Interior Design Services in Boise, Idaho

Whether you need full-service staging to sell a vacant home or partial-service design to turn your house into a home, Boise Home Staging & Design can help.
Between our consultation services that help you know how to make the best of your space and our professional stager and designer that do the heavy lifting for you, we have the experience and resources to get you what you need. We also have experience helping individual homeowners and working with realty firms as a real estate staging consultant.

Interior design staging used to be seen as a luxury and primarily used on vacant houses for sale. With the housing market as competitive as it is and with the increase of online listings, making your home relatable to a buyer both physically and virtually is more important than ever. And with Boise Home Staging & Design, it is as affordable as ever.

Click here to learn about our full- and partial-service options for both vacant and occupied homes. We make your listing stand out to potential buyers with neutral palettes and clean design in many styles to help others see themselves in your space. We can help you in staging your home.
We are equipped to work in a variety of rooms. We can help with staging a dining room, arranging a master bedroom, and designing a living room. We are also equipped to work in a variety of homes. We can help in staging a small house or a large, luxury home.

Interior Design and Decoration

When you already have a space and aren’t sure what to do to maximize its comfort and appeal, our interior decorating and design services can help. We work with furniture and accessories that you already have and we can also help you choose new pieces to fit your home and your style.
Our full-service interior decorating packages help you start from scratch to choose paint colors, furniture styles, and accessories that meet your needs and make you feel at home. Our partial-service interior decorating packages work in your existing spaces and target certain rooms of your home (such as a living room or a master bedroom) that can have the greatest impact on your comfort. 

Click here to see the difference that hiring a professional home design consultant can make.

Consulting for Home Sale or Interior Design

Are you looking to save even more time and money while still giving your home a unique look and feel? Boise Home Staging & Design provides professional interior design consultations that pair the benefits of our experience and insight with the affordable option of primarily using your existing decor. You decide how much of the labor and design you’d like us to do and also maintain the affordability of doing a portion of the heavy lifting yourself.

We know how to make a space that enhances your life. We consult on ways to:
  • Improve the flow of your home.
  • Arrange large furniture for function and style.
  • Make small changes that have a big impact on how your home looks and feels.
We listen to your needs and goals, then help you meet and beat them. We advise on a variety of ways to help you boost the interior design and resonance in your home.

Virtual Design and Staging Services

If you prefer the convenience of virtual meetings, we also take video appointments. As an online interior design consultant, we can take a virtual walk together through the areas you’d like us to help with and then give you on-the-spot advice on ways to enhance that space. We can combine this virtual element with many of our other services. Just let us know how you’d like to work when you contact us.
Whatever your interior design needs throughout the Treasure Valley (Meridian, Eagle, and More), Boise Home Staging & Design is here to help. If you’re concerned about the cost to stage a home for sale or design an interior to fit you, we have many affordable options. Call or text at 208-284-7292 or email today to see what we can do for you.

Your home is waiting.