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FULL SERVICE Interior Design

Full-service interior design is perhaps closest to what most people envision when they picture a professional interior decorator. We look at an empty space (from a large, luxury home to a tidy townhouse), talk with clients about what they want that space to do and how they want it to feel, and then we help clients choose:

● Layout
● Functional Areas (Home offices, study areas, etc.)
● Paint colors (Designers make excellent interior paint consultants.)
● Fabrics
● Furniture
● Accessories
● Motifs

Full-service professional design takes the greatest advantage of our skills and expertise to shape your home to fit you.
Professional design also doesn’t mean limiting choices to immediate trends. A good interior decorator works in a variety of styles. These can include:

● Farmhouse design (Both classic and modern)
● Urban design
● Contemporary home interiors
● Minimalist design
● Vintage interior design
● Traditional home decorating
● Rustic or Nature-based design
● Modern interior design

In addition to working in a variety of styles, home design consultants also work in a variety of spaces. A small living room design or a simple home office plan are as worthwhile as lofty libraries or master bathrooms.
These services were once thought to be excessive for the average person. This is no longer the case. The industry has grown, knowledge and expertise have expanded, and affordable interior design is more accessible than ever.

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Are you already living in the space you want to design? No problem! Interior decorating doesn’t have to start from scratch. There are even more varied and affordable options when we work with the canvas you’ve already started.
Boise Home Staging & Design offers services for occupied homes that other companies don’t. If you want to work with existing color palettes, stick to styles you’ve applied in other rooms, or tailor your home around your current habits, we can still help. Our training and experience can refine what you’ve started.
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ONLINE Interior Design Consulting

The digital age has also reached interior decorating. Interior design websites are more popular than ever because people are taking advantage of these services. Boise Home Staging & Design provides online interior design consultations. We can use virtual meetings to walk through your home and give you recommendations.

Remember, interior design can help everyone! Your home can be beautiful and functional. It can be stylish and affordable. If you’re in Boise, Meridian, Eagle or surrounding areas,
contact us to learn how we can help. You can call or text at 208-284-7292.